First Mobilities of the ERASMUS+ SMARTRAIN European Project

First Mobilities of the ERASMUS+ SMARTRAIN European Project

During the week of October 25-29, 2021, the transnational meeting of the project partners and the first physical mobility of the students selected by the VET schools participating in the SMARTRAIN project took place.

This first mobility and training action was made possible by the improvement in the pandemic situation of COVID-19l and was physically carried out at the ITN in Namur (Belgium)

This is a professional school for social promotion that provides training related to the wood and furniture industry. In social promotion, although it is possible to start social promotion training from the age of 15 (after compulsory full-time schooling), most students are adult workers, students or job seekers.  It provides training related to CARPENTRY and MACHINING with NUMERIC CONTROL machinery.

In this first mobility, which was attended by VET students and teachers from Italy, Spain and Belgium, they learned key concepts of circular economy, in the form of theoretical and practical workshops, facilitated and conducted by Oliver Jancke from INNOVAWOOD.

Group work session on Circular Economy.
Group dynamics.

The program of activities included a series of visits to companies where students were able to see first-hand the application of some of the concepts of the circular economy:


This factory is specialized in the production of insulating material for construction from vegetable fibers from grass mowed in ditches, bulk transport bags of vegetable origin and a small percentage of polyethylene.

Manufacturing process of the insulating material of vegetal origin.
Explanation of the characteristics of the manufactured material.
Material stockpiling area.
Finished insulating product.


It is a social enterprise that performs a service of collecting old, unusable objects, etc… for subsequent repair of old furniture and recovery of furniture at the end of its useful life to recreate new furniture. The furniture is sold in stores under the trademark RAVIK. More information at

Ressourcerie Namuroise facilities.
Ressourcerie Namuroise facilities.
Final piece of furniture made from recovered wood.
Recycling art.


The François group is a group of companies engaged in a number of interrelated activities. (

The group is dedicated to the manufacture of wooden pallets and the recycling of wood waste in the form of wood chips for the pallets or the manufacture of pellets for combustion.  On the other hand, it makes an energetic valorization of wood at the end of its useful life, being leaders in cogeneration and trigeneration facilities.

Storage area for wood harvested for the wood block and pellet manufacturing process.
Product Pallet produced and stored.
Softwood lumber stockpile park for pallets.
Detail of pellets manufactured in the company.

With this first mobility, the students have learned key concepts of circular economy that will allow them to start the design projects of a piece of furniture taking into account ideas, concepts, possibilities, etc… discussed in this first mobility.


The hosts of the stay in Namur offered a visit to the workshops of the school related to wood training, during which the students from the countries participating in the project could learn about the training activities in the workshop developed in the ITN Namur center.

Detail of the entrance to the wood workshop at ITN Namur.
Explanation of details of a joint used, easily demountable.
Detail of machining of window frame element.
Workshop visit.

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