There are six vital reflections that CONTEXTUALISE the needs of action. They form the RATIONALE of SMARTRAIN initiative:

  • Acknowledging the EVOLUTION OF ENTERPRISES TOWARDS INDUSTRY 4.0 and highlighting previous initiatives, aimed to make arrangements for a smooth transition towards this new industrial revolution for both companies and their future workers.
  • Gathering previously developed training materials to ALLEVIATE THIS TRANSITION.
  • Noting that the observed trends are related to DIGITISATION and ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS, that is to say, we are going towards a CIRCULAR ECONOMY (CE), where processes such as Additive Manufacturing are unlocking value and holding the potential to enable the shift towards a CE.
  • Noticing that CORE CHANGES in all Educational Systems are slow as regards to incorporating updated subjects and training contents. It takes time to update these and before this can be done, trainers must be trained and EDUCATORS SUPPORTED.
  • There are therefore opportunities: wood is a magnificent, modern and sustainable material; modern 4.0 furniture factory can be very attractive and cool to work in. VET needs to modernise and address new young generations’ wishes.
  • All of this generates a TRAINING GAP between VET providers and companies’ needs. On the one hand, companies are constantly complaining about the LACK OF QUALIFIED WORKERS that could meet their current and potential needs. On the other hand, VET providers are not always capable of offering job-seekers the training for those needs.